Sell Computer Time

Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0

Computer Rental Controller 6.5.0: For Internet Cafés or computer kiosks. Sell passwords to computer or record use Computer Rental Controller allows you to easily rent or sell computer time on your computer. It offers two methods for renting time. The first method generates a list of passwords. Each password allows access to the computer for a period of time selected by you, and can be used only once. This allows you to sell the passwords, thus selling use of the computer for specific periods of time. There are also administrator and supervisor passwords that

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Computer Payment Enforcer 6.1.0

sell or lease computers and have problems with customers not paying on time? Computer Payment Enforcer is a computer program that helps you to collect payments for computers that you have sold on credit or are renting out. You can install Computer Payment Enforcer on computers that you are about to sell. You can input information on when payments are due for the computer into Computer Payment Enforcer. Each day, Computer Payment Enforcer displays

lease, payment, time, lock, enforce, rent, overdue, block, computer, limit

SWF Maestro EXE PRO 2.0: Turn SWF projects into profitable, try-before-you-buy commercial products
SWF Maestro EXE PRO 2.0

time-limited, try-before-you-buy products. Compile licensed, stand-alone executables of any SWF project. SWF Maestro EXE PRO allows creating time-limited and feature-restricted commercial products to be distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis. Create and sell learning tools and tutorials, limiting pre-sale users to just a few topics or exercises. Distribute evaluation versions of computer games where unregistered users can only access a few levels

swf exe, protect swf, create exe from swf

Inventory Grabber 1.2: Automatic inventory info downloader
Inventory Grabber 1.2

times for Resellers and their staff having to manually enter the information about products they sell. Instead, our tool does this automatically from the predefined trustworthy sources. Mainly this concerns the computer components and parts, but can be easily adjusted to any other info according to your needs. The idea is pretty simple. The computer parts are STANDARD, so why everyone has to enter them again and again into their databases, inventories

inventory, computer parts, description, stock, desktop parts, compatible peripherals, web scraping, compatible parts, laptop parts, web harvesting, web data extraction, reseller, peripherals

affordable-term-life-insurance-tcard 1.00: Stay informed with the PC Timecard logging system
affordable-term-life-insurance-tcard 1.00

Are friends or family members using your PC when you aren`t around? Working on a secret project and want to know FOR SURE if your computer has been messed with? Stay informed with the PC Timecard logging system! Order now and receive MASTER Resell Rights so you can sell PC Timecard and keep 100% $$$ of the profits! You`ll even get a copy of this sales page which you can easily customize! PC Timecard

affordable term life insurance, pc time card software

Simple Info Organizer 2.01: A simple and powerful file management software with note organizing built in.
Simple Info Organizer 2.01

Have you ever needed to locate a key file or document on your computer that had a strategy or information you wanted to review...but had to waste tons of time trying to find it? With the Simple Info Organizer - File Management Software this will never happen again! Finally a simple, and powerful, file organization software that allows you to create, share, and sell notes on any of the files stored on your PC! Try it today!

organizer, notes, file management software, manage files, manager

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Version 2.6 Build 989 2.6

Automotix lets you sell and/or buy any OEM, aftermarket, re-manufactured or used automotive part(s) right from your personal computer whether you are a small, large, wholesale, retail, business or an individual seller or buyer. Automotix lets sellers upload their store catalogs and decide what buyers they want to do business with. In addition, Automotix lets buyers to define the sellers` criteria so only relevant quotes will be displayed.

automotive, buy or sell cars, software, automotive dealer software, auto parts marketplace, auto parts software, auto sales software, business, automotive software, trucks and automobile parts, used car sales software, management

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